CDC: Young males most at risk to drown

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - With summer yet to officially start, it's already been a deadly season on area waters. Four people have drowned in the Kansas City area in the past two weeks and all were young men.

That's the demographic of the population most likely to die in the water, according to the Centers for Disease Control. Its data shows males are much more likely to drown than females, especially between the ages of 15 and 24.

North Kansas City Community Center aquatic supervisor Terri Lees said too often, parents pull their kids out of swimming lessons too early and many children never really learn.

"Once they get to the point where they can swim across the pool once and they can tread water a little bit and maybe roll from their front to their back, they think they are proficient enough to quit," Lees said.

But that's not enough, especially when dealing with natural waters. All four recent victims died in a lake, pond or creek. Data from the CDC shows that is where more than half of all drowning incidents occur.

"You quickly fatigue. And if you haven't been swimming since last summer, think about how out of shape for swimming you might be," Lees said.

Chilly water early in the swimming season wears bodies down even faster, Lees said.

"It's a totally different animal. We're not designed to swim. We are designed to be land animals."

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