Kids And Cars White House petition picks up steam

Kansas City, mo. - If you're wondering - what parent could leave their kids in their car - the answer is *any parent could. Seriously. 

Kids And Cars are the national experts on efforts to prevent tragedies like this and they happen to be based in Kansas City. The biggest issue is the stigma that this only happens to bad parents. They say researchers found out our brains cannot prioritize what to remember and what to forget. If you can forget your keys - or forget to buy a gallon of milk when you're at the store - you can forget your child in the car.

"We work very closely with a number of different families who have lost children in this way and they are fabulous parents. Just please don't think this can't happen to you!" Amber Rollins with KidsAndCars.Org said.

As of right now - there are a little more than 5,900 signatures on the kids and cars online petition. More than 94, 000 signatures are still needed.

That will help kids and cars reach their goal of 100-thousand petitioners. Just a recap - this is what they are asking from the White House:

They want the government to provide money for research, development and innovative technology.
Kids and cars also want effective solutions identified, evaluated and tested - very quickly.

Finally, the organization wants some type of technology in cars to prevent kids from being left along in vehicles.

Kids and cars hopes to reach 100,000 signatures by August 15. Just 20 days away. People from as far away as North Carolina have signed the petition .

Note, if you do sign, your initials and location may be displayed on the petitions page.

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