New app alerts parents not to forget "Precious Cargo"

It’s a trend people across the country can't wrap their minds around - leaving a child in a hot car. We already talked about how it can happen to anyone - now there’s an app designed to help busy parents.

The app is actually called, "Precious Cargo".  It was designed by a dad out of North Carolina to stop kids, pets or other precious items from being left in cars. This is how it works.

When a parent or driver gets in a car - a Bluetooth is activated.  You'll get a text asking if you'll be traveling with precious cargo.  If you reply "yes" -- when the car is turned off - you'll get an alert that says there's "precious cargo" that needs to be handled with care.

If "no" - the app deactivates itself until the car stops.  Recently, there was an update to the app that tracks your location on GPS. Once you arrive - you’ll also get an alert once again reminding you of your precious cargo.

We did try the app - and only got an alert once we set the timer. We didn't however get an alert once we got out of our car and walked away. Now, we reached out to Precious Cargo and asked them if there was something we were doing wrong.

Once we get that answer, you'll be the first to know.  To find where to download the Precious Cargo App - like us on Facebook at the now kc.

To find where to download the app - go HERE!

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