New grocery store opens in KCK

Kansas City, ks. - You may not think a grocery store opening is such a big deal but when it happens in what used to be called a "Food Desert" -we take notice.

And the new price chopper at Wyandotte Plaza is quite a new store. Owner David Wall said the community needed a new store because the 40-year old store it replaced was run down. They wanted to reinvest in the community. This one is state of the art and more of a food oasis in the food desert - 350 varieties of fruit and vegetables, organics, seafood flown in daily. They had been working on this project for six years.

"We feel that when somebody steps up. Whether its new schools, new grocery store, a new church in the area. It helps revitalize the neighborhood and we're very excited about that," Wall said.

This comes in a wonderful recent run of grocery stores in KCK - when the Sunfresh opened on the18th street expressway in 2008 - it was the first grocery store to open in KCK in 30 years.  It is still thriving.

In December, a Save -A -Lot opened in Argentine. There hadn't been a grocery store in that neighborhood in a decade.

And now a Walmart neighborhood market comes to Argentine this summer bringing 95 jobs with it.

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