Parkville family celebrates four birthdays on the same day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Stephanie and Randy McCleary are celebrating the fourth birthday of their four children. Four years ago on April 1, their family grew by four – they had quadruplets.

Elizabeth, Zachary, Matthew and Cameron have graduated from their baby stage and their terrible 2's into their fabulous fours. Saturday's birthday party had a superhero theme. Each child dressed in a superhero costume and they played games.

"It's so amazing how fast time has gone," said father Randy McCleary. "They learn so fast and have fun hitting each other and playing with each other."

"We are so blessed to have them and they keep us busy. But, we're out of the diaper stage and looking forward to kindergarten next year," said mother Stephanie, McCleary. "I'm also looking forward to spending time with them this summer."

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