Same-sex marriage legal in Missouri in 2015?

Kansas Ctiy, ks. - Same sex marriage in Missouri was trending all day Wednesday.

Since 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning, it's been a hot topic. And get this - nearly 370,000 are reading and talking about it.

Same sex marriage. In Missouri. By next year.

Behind the claim - Promo. Promo is a group that advocates for LGBT issues around the state of Missouri. Senior Field Organizer Kyle Piccola talked with the Now KC. He's based out of KC.

"Missouri's ban was instated in 2004 so it has been 10 years since then and over time, public opinion has shifted greatly in our favor," Piccola said. "Missouri is about 60% in favor of marriage to same-sex couples. In addition to that, I believe the community really understands the importance of what same-sex marriage means to a couple and why you can't exclude same-sex people from accessing that right".

But it doesn't end there. Piccola also predicts the Non-Discrimination Act is well on it's way to becoming law. That act prevents someone from getting fired because they're gay or transgender.

"In 2013 we got our first vote and passed it out of the senate with a large bipartisan support, that was a huge success and we've seen that the want and the desire to pass this bill has increased tremendously, " he said.

Promo has nearly 14,000 Facebook likes and just over 2,000 Twitter followers.
One of their supporters is Mayor Sly James. I chatted with his spokesperson who says the mayor supports Promo and same sex marriage.

We want to hear from you. Do you think Missouri will legalize same-sex marriage?

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