Teen invents program to make cyber-bullies "Rethink"

A 13 year old girl has figured out a way to start stamping out cyber-bullying.

Trisha Prabhu is an 8th-grade inventor from Illinois and now she can said she's a finalist in Google's Global Science Fair.

Her idea is brilliantly simple.

Kids are impulsive, their brains aren't developed properly and so they don't stop before they tweet or hit send. Trisha's program called "Rethink" forces kids to take a moment to reflect on what they are about to post and how it could affect someone if they put it online.

At the core of the program, a content filtering system that looks for mean or hurtful words and phrases. If your message says something nasty, the program asks if you're really sure you want to post the message.

Prabhu has done more than 500 trials.

More than 93 % of the teens decided to review or not send their message. Trisha right now is working with social media site and mobile platforms so that her invention can start making a difference.

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