Visually impaired children hunt for beeper Easter eggs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Children at the Children's Center for the Visually Impaired had the chance to celebrate Easter the way any child should -- hunting for eggs.

Thanks to AT&T Pioneers and the KCMO Bomb Squad, children of all abilities at the center who are unable to participate in typical egg hunts had a little extra help when hunting for the treasured treats.

Battery-operated beepers are placed inside the plastic eggs and send out a high-pitched tone for those visually impaired or blind children to find more easily.

"Using the beeper eggs, they're able to participate just like any other child, and use their sense of hearing instead of their sense of sight to participate in this activity," said Center-based Program Director Nicole Wood.

The annual event is typically held outside at Loose Park, but it had to be moved indoors because of the weather.

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