Florists slammed with last-minute orders on Valentine's Day

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It's the busiest day of the year for florists.

At House of Flowers off 31st Street in Kansas City, florists are working off just 30 minutes of sleep. They have hundreds of orders to arrange, deliver and distribute across the Metro before the end of the day Thursday.

House of Flowers has seen a remarkable 50% increase in sales since last Valentine's Day. Florist Mona Smith attributes the increase to people being more flexible about spending money this year.

"Our customers seem to have that discretionary cash again which is good for our business, our customers and really the entire community," Smith said.

The family-owned business started taking orders more than a month ago, but the phone kept ringing until they closed the shop at 5 p.m. Wednesday. In order to get all the flowers ready, employees stayed until 3 in the morning Wednesday; they were back in by 5 a.m.

"Valentine's Day is very important for florists. What we make today can float us throughout the rest of the year. Mother's Day is big too, but nothing compares to Valentine's Day," Smith explained.

Knowing men tend to be last minute shoppers, Smith says their store stocks dozens of additional arrangements in a front cooler of a store. That way, if customers didn't have time to place a custom order, they can still grab an arrangement for their sweetheart.

Roses tend to be the most popular item, and this year House of Flowers has some unique colors: lavender, black (essentially a very dark red hue) and even multi-colored rainbow hues.

In case you're headed to buy some flowers, we've compiled a list of the meaning associated with different colored flowers.

Red: Passionate love, desire, strength. Give to someone you would like to be intimate with.

Blue: Calm, peace, serenity. Give to someone who is worried or overwhelmed by work or home life.

Pink: Grace, gentility, happiness, youth. Give to a child or someone you respect who is younger than you.

Purple: Dignity, pride, success, accomplishment. Give to someone you admire or to show congratulations.

Lavender: femininity all grown up; refinement, grace, elegance. Give to a woman you've known for a long time, someone you're proud to have shared a lifetime of memories with.

White: Innocence, purity. Give to someone you've recently started dating or someone you hope to have a future love connection with.

Yellow: Friendship, the symbol of new beginnings, bliss. Give to a friend or for a budding romance.

Orange: Energy, enthusiasm, warmth. Give to someone who is energetic about life, a ball of energy.

Green: Health, resilience, good fortune. Give to someone who is in a tough financial situation, to ensure success in business.

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