Recipe: Beef Carpaccio

Beef Tenderloin 2 oz.

Olive Oil 0.5 oz.

Chevre Sundried Tomato Cheese 1 oz.

1 Can of Artichokes

Black Olive Tapenade 1 oz.

Spring Salad Mix 1 oz.

Black Ground Pepper 1 Tsp.

Pita Bread

Sear the outside of the whole beef tenderloin just to color the exterior. Freeze the seared tenderloin and slice paper thin. Place seared & sliced beef on plate in a circle.

Make Quenelle of Tapenade & place in an artichoke bottom, placed in center of plate atop a bed of Spring Mix. Sprinkle plate with Goat Cheese, Olive Oil & Black Pepper. Serve with fried Pita Chips on the side.

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