Boulevard Brewing Company expands distribution to California, Georgia and North Carolina

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Missouri's second-largest brewery announced Friday it is expanding its reach.

Boulevard Brewing Company said in a statement it has added distributors in California, Georgia and North Carolina.

According to Boulevard, select brews are already available in those markets and are flying off the shelves.

"These are craft-savvy markets that we've been eager to become a part of," said Mike Magoulas, Boulevard's CEO.

Georgia was the first of the new states to see Boulevard beer for the first time, with Unfiltered Wheat Beer and select offerings from the Kansas City brewer's Smokestack Series being shipped to the state in late August.

North Carolina and California followed suit this month.

"The excitement consumers have shown for Boulevard beers in all three states have far surpassed our expectations," Magoulas said. "The thank you emails we've received from fans who spent their college years enjoying Boulevard before heading to one of the coasts reinforces our decision for the distribution expansion."

Boulevard beer is now available in 24 states and the District of Columbia.

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