Boulevard's second Love Child brew hits store shelves

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Boulevard Brewing Co. released its latest beer Tuesday, the second version of a brew that never even went public.

Love Child #2 hit the shelves at a limited number of stores Tuesday, limited to top sellers for the brewery's Smokestack beer series, according to a post on the KC Beer Blog .

The Kansas City Star reports the beer is a blend of beers from 41 different barrels, aged between six months and four years, and is selling for about $20 a bottle.

The release of Love Child #1 was so limited, it was only offered as samples and at beer festivals, the post on KC Beer Blog said.

"We couldn't release it, even in Kansas City," Bob Sullivan, Boulevard's vice president and chief sales and marketing officer, told The Star. "There wasn't enough. There would have been a huge uproar."

Have you tried the new brew? What's your favorite Boulevard beer? Post a comment below with your thoughts!

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