Cronut craze hits Kansas City

RAYTOWN, Mo. - Cronuts are considered the next hot food trend  and now they’re available in the Kansas City area. The croissant-doughnut hybrid was first introduced last year in a New York City bakery and now Cronuts are sold everyday in Raytown.

“What makes it popular is, it's flaky and it's not your average doughnut,” said Taylor Holmes, owner of Edible Creations .

The 22-year-old describes Cronuts as “a croissant dough that's fried and glazed and cut like a doughnut.”

Edible Creations started selling its version called ‘Kronuts’ in October 2013 and Holmes said customers soon began lining up out the door. She now takes call-in orders but still sells out nearly every morning. 

Cronuts make up about 75 percent of the business at Edible Creations, but Holmes thinks she knows why her store is the only place around Kansas City that sells them daily.

“It takes three days to get the croissant dough perfect. You have to fold it in butter,” Holmes said, who bakes dozens to hundreds of Cronuts daily. “It’s too difficult. No one wants to do it.”

The threat of lawsuits also seems to be a deterrent. The creator of Cronuts, Dominique Ansel, has trademarked the name and filed cease and desist orders against other bakeries who have copied his creation. 

Legal concerns have not stopped Cronuts from still showing up in stores across the country, even at Disney World.

The owner of Edible Creations admits she got the idea from the creator of Cronuts. 

“I saw the guy in New York and thought it's a brilliant idea,” Holmes said, who points out her version has a different name and looks different. “We decided to do ours with a ‘K’ because we wanted to be different. Ours are square, they're not circle.”

Cronuts are becoming more popular  and Holmes expects that trend to grow.

“You can do so much with (Cronuts). You can make maple bacon, cream cheese, cherry, chocolate, German chocolate,” she said.

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