Family recipe a hit at bakery

Holiday tradition popular with everyone

PRAIRIE VILLAGE, Kan. - As the sun sets this evening, a solemn holiday begins for Jewish people.

Here in Kansas City, one of the traditions surrounding the holiday is catching on with all kinds of people.

Yom Kippur begins at sundown and requires fasting until the next evening.

When the fasting ends, no doubt plenty of challah will be eaten.

Don Kinney has been baking bread at Great Harvest Bread Company for 30 years. He likes to try new things, so several years ago he took a stab at making challah bread.

"For any Jewish holiday, which includes the weekly Sabbath celebration, challah is a typical item on the table," said Linda Salvay.

But Kinney's not Jewish, and it showed. The general opinion was ... "nice try".

"I think he was taking their light wheat recipe and simply braiding it to make it look like a traditional challah, but the taste is nothing similar," Salvay said.

Fortunately for Kinney, Salvay was a regular customer and she had a recipe. As he talked with her husband Craig, he realized their fathers had worked with each other years ago.

"And Craig said 'oh my wife has a great recipe I'll have her give it to you,'" she remembered.

And she did.

Kinney felt like the recipe fit the Great Harvest Bread Company philosophy of fresh, natural ingredients.

"It's a simple recipe, it's flour and eggs and yeast and honey. I use honey instead of sugar," Salvay said.

The sweetness is to remind people of their wishes for a sweet new year.

Salvay says the recipe is a synthesis of several recipes that have come through her family.

Now customers think the new recipe is the greatest thing since ... sliced bread.

"It's one of our more popular breads. Not only do we make it for our Jewish customers, you know for Sabbath, but we make it every day," Kinney said.

"We just made almost 200 within the last couple days," he observed.

He considers his place the town's oldest neighborhood bakery and many of his customers he thinks of as family.

Both Salvay and Kinney feel proud that they have a part in serving the community.


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