Google's Zeitgeist lists top-searched Kansas City restaurants on Zagat

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Google has released their annual Zeitgeist, or list of the year's top search trends.

Among the many categories are lists of top-searched restaurants on the Google-owned restaurant rating site Zagat.

Kansas City is known world-wide for its barbecue, and local legends in the barbecue field are well-represented in the Top 10 list of most-searched restaurants, but it's actually a Kansas City pizza place that tops the list.

Minksy's Pizza was the year's top search on Zagat, according to Google.

Kansas City's top searched restaurants

1. Minsky's Pizza
2. Fiorella's Jack Stack Restaurant
3. Stroud's Restaurant
4. 801 Chophouse
5. Arthur Bryant's
6. Michael Smith Restaurant
7. Gates Bar-B-Q Restaurant
8. Plaza III The Steakhouse
9. Hereford House
10. Bluestem Restaurant

To see the list, plus check out other top Google and Zagat search terms for 2012, visit

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