IKEA stores known for furniture & food

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - If you're excited about the news that furniture giant IKEA is coming to the Kansas City area , you're not alone.

But if you're not familiar with the Swedish retailer, you should know there's more than couches, cupboards and lawn chairs.

IKEA stores also have restaurants, cafes and Swedish food markets, and if the posts we've seen on Facebook.com/KSHBTV and on IKEA's official Facebook page are accurate, they offer up some good eats.

"Finally," Samuel M Hansen wrote. "I can get my lingonberry fix."

Dubbed "The New Superfruit" by Dr. Oz , the lingonberry is a popular fruit in Europe, frequently used in jams.

IKEA uses them to make a popular drink, and puts them in the sauce for another one of their food staples.

"Holy Swedish meatball!!" Shawn Hoffman wrote on Facebook.com/KSHBTV . "About time!"

IKEA's Swedish meatballs are perhaps the most well-known item on the menu.

"You cut the meatball in half and dip it in the lingonberry jam and gravy," Nancy Flynn, a mom in Berkeley, Calif., told CNBC.com for a recent story . "It's a savory, sweet, creamy combination."

But if Swedish delicacies aren't your thing, you won't be left out.

IKEA also has everything from hot dogs to pizza, from cinnamon buns to chocolate overload cake.

For more information on the food choices at IKEA, visit http://bit.ly/Hj2iG

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