Local coffee drinkers paying for a problem thousands of miles away

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Kansas City, get ready to pay more for your cup of joe.

A fungus that's spoiling crops in Latin America is slowly dripping into coffee cups around Kansas City.

A leaf fungus is killing coffee crops around countries like Guatemala and El Salvador where local roasters travel to get their coffee.

Jon Cates, co-owner of Broadway Roasting Company in Kansas City said he thinks the amount of coffee per bag could go up by a dollar.

"We really want people to continue drinking coffee," Cates said. "So you never want to use a cheaper coffee to save money."

Coffee suppliers are now paying up to 75 cents more per pound of raw coffee.

Cates however is willing to pay more for a higher quality of coffee, while other suppliers may have to downgrade to keep their prices from going up.

The USAID plans to invest $5 million to find research at Texas A&M University in Texas to combat the fungus that's left more than 500,000 jobs in Latin America in jeopardy.

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