A good spreader can help you have a beautiful lawn

There are a ton of different spreaders on the market and unfortunately you get what you pay for. The first thing you should be sure to have is large tires, not plastic ones that just bump around your yard and spread the fertilizer unevenly. Be sure you get large air filled tires.

Look at the spreader rate controls. This gauge can range from a plastic knob all the way to a precisely set gauge that is all steel. The more accurate the rate control, the more precise your chemical applications will be.

Finally, I like the rotary spreaders better. They meter out the application more accurately and give better spreader control. The drop spreaders like this will just drop the fertilizer straight down and it's harder to cover the entire lawn evenly.

Next week we're going to show you the first application of fertilizer that you should be applying and have the most beautiful lawn on the block. We'll see you next week!

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