Common plants could be toxic

Those pretty flowers you picked up for the garden  could be toxic.

Some common plants sold at nurseries are actually poisonous and could harm children or pets if they are ingested.


You see them often: tall flowering plants. Their formal name is Digitalis Purpurea but  you might know them better as Foxglove"

It's one of several common plants that can be toxic.

"If you plant this in your garden and see a little bite mark in a leaf and your son or daughter holding that leaf, then you need to worry." Said Botanist Michael Balick.

The entire plant is considered poisonous, according to the USDA  and eating it can be fatal.


And Foxglove isn't the only concern. Daffodils, Peace Lilies and Philodendron are also toxic.

"When they get into the tongue, or mucus membranes of the mouth, they can cause it to swell and potentially cut off breathing." Said Balick.


And since there usually aren't any warning labels, plant owners often have no idea.


Home Depot is rolling out brand new labels to help warn customers of the dangers. Lowe's encourages consumers to choose plants wisely, but are not offering labels, because they are not required to.


Balick recommends doing research on any plant you plan to add to your gardens.