Got a mouse in the house? Here's how to keep them out

Mice and bugs are trying to make their way into your home looking for warmth, food and shelter.
It's best to be proactive now before you have a big problem on your hands.

First, spray the outside of your home with a mix of Spectracide Triazicide and Spreader Sticker in a pump sprayer. Spray from the base of your foundation up about 3 feet and also spray your shrubs. This will keep bugs outside and if they try to come in they won't make it.

For mice, seal up any holes with caulk. If you have big gaps you can place steel wool in those gaps and secure it with expanding foam. Mice can enter into a home through a hole as small as a dime, so be diligent.

Also make sure you keep any piles of leaves around your foundation cleaned up. It's a great place for rodents to hide. Finally, the pros can place bait traps around your home to attract and kill mice.

Controlling a mouse or two is no big deal for most homeowners, but sometimes we have more than that. If you have a big problem it's time to call a professional. Have a great week!

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