LED bulbs can be expensive, but save money in the long run

About two years ago we did a tip on LED bulbs and this top of the line ceiling bulb was around $78. That bulb which is now vastly improved in quality is now right around $30. What's really cool is there are a bunch of websites online where you can actually calculate the savings over replacing your standard light bulbs with LED.

Right now Phillips is the leader in both technological awards and consumer ratings. The people at Phillips encourage you to consider light bulbs as more of an appliance for your home rather than just a disposable item, since these will last you up to ten and even 20 years at the least!

The most important thing to consider is the color temperature of your bulbs. The warmer or more traditional temperatures are great for living and family rooms where you might want the cooler or more blue bulbs for your kitchen or office. Phillips has even introduced a new system where you can control the color temperature in the room based on mood from your iPhone or iPad. You can control the mood of the lighting any time you want and even sync it with a movie you're watching.

Just replacing four lights will save over $80 in electricity this year and we only paid $120 for the bulbs! Plus you don't have to lug out the ladder and change bulbs every year or two.

LED lights are expensive but the price will be coming down so for now just replace the fixtures that you use the most!

See you next week!

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