Local man turns furniture hobby into a career

This week we have a great story about a man who has turned his passion for building things into a full-time career.

Sam Unruh was in a career he didn't love and really wanted to make things for people.

"I started making furniture for my wife before she was my wife trying to impress her," Unruh said. "I made her a chair and a desk, trying to woo her and win her over."

Sam continued building furniture after the two were married. It started with a kitchen table for their home. Eventually Sam put a piece for sale on Craigslist; when it sold, he kept selling pieces until he was able to make his hobby into a fulltime job.

Sam says that his customers value furniture that is sturdy and all-wood. He says the biggest mistake people make is discarding old furniture that could be re-finished and re-used to bring it back to life.

Sam Unruh plans to open a furniture showroom in Grandview to accommodate the demand for his solid wood, handmade furniture and accessories.

See you next week!

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