Local nursery gears up for spring rush

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Do you have cabin fever? A lot of people around town have been anxious to enjoy the outdoors but this winter weather seems to be sticking around.

Debbie and Bruce Burkhart decided this year, they are going to grow their own vegetables at their Bookside home.

"We're going to start with potatoes. They say to plant near St. Patrick's Day. Being Irish, that's what we are doing," Debbie Burkhart said.

With the cost of fresh produce, the couple decided growing their own vegetables would be more economical. Even though this will be their first garden, they have big plans.

"We've got some tomatoes, we've got some corn. I think I'm going to go on and get some broccoli, too," Bruce Burkhart said.

Matthew Archer, the manager of Soil Service Garden Center and Nursery, said his customers are getting excited.

His store does the bulk of its business in spring, but you don't have to wait until the warmer temperatures arrive to start things up.

"Get your vegetables in, get your plants started so they are up and looking good for the late spring and summer," Archer said.

Archer doubles his staff this time of year to prepare for the rush. The Burkharts are looking forward to a new season and starting their garden. Experts said there is a great time to plant grass seed.

Wet weather is perfect for spreading seed because the soil is soft so the seed should fall right in.

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