Make sure your gas grill is safe before you get cooking

Squirrels, mice and other critters love dining on your grill. Those rubber propane tubes and other grill parts are a favorite place for critters to nest in the winter and they love to chew on anything rubber. The number one cause of house fires in the spring are started by home grills - so make sure your grill is safe.

To get your grill ready for the season, fill a spray bottle with warm soapy water. Spray your propane tube and tank and look for any leaks or bubbles. If you see bubbles and tightening the connections doesn't work, replace the parts immediately. Check your burners in the grill and make sure they haven't rusted out. Give your grill a good cleaning and check to make sure everything is in good working order before spending a lot of time on the barbecue. Never ever store extra propane tanks near your grill or underneath it- that's a bomb waiting to happen!

And remember, always have a fire extinguisher near your grill.

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