No winter weather means more chores in the yard

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - 70's in December? It's been that kind of year.

In spite of the lack of rain, our grass is still growing. Don't forget to mow your lawn down to about two and a half inches as soon as you can. I always like to bag grass on the last mowing. The lawn will look better and you don't have to worry about leaving too many clippings on top.

If you haven't fertilized for the third time this fall, get it done now. The more fertilizer you apply to your lawn the hardier it will be next year.

The drought problems we have now are no different that the ones we had last summer. Keep the hose handy - lack of rain still means we need an inch of water on the lawns, tree shrubs, and foundations each week. The ground is still dry and cracking around foundations and causing problems for driveways and walkways.

The biggest mistake people make when they water this time of the year is forgetting to unhook their hose when they're done watering - when that hose freezes up you have a serious problem.

And get your snow shovels ready to go. Even though Gary says we're not going to get a ton of snow this winter, all it takes is a couple of inches to mat down that grass with the snow's weight and you can get problems with disease that can weaken or kill your lawn.

See you next week!

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