Tips from Toby: Rent a residential dumpster for fall cleanup

As fall leaves start filling up our lawns and people begin their annual lawn clean up, it's easy to realize just how much junk has piled up in the garage and around the house. As we all know it's pretty tough to fit all your trash in curbside bins every week.

There are now companies in Kansas City where you can rent a residential dumpster and make that clean up really easy!

From yard waste to branches and stuff that's piled up around the garage - or even that old sofa that's seen better days - if you can get it in the dumpster, they will haul it away for you.

The only items you can't toss away are chemicals, paint or tires. If you are looking to dispose of those items the Mid America Regional Council has a list of area facilities on their website for centers that will accept those items.

A note of caution: before you rent, make sure you check for any hidden charges such as fuel charges or extra weight charges. See you next week!


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