State hopes grants sprout new interest in gardening

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The coldest weather of the season may still be yet to come, but some Kansas City gardeners are already looking forward to spring.

Missouri Director of Agriculture's Jon Hagler gave away two gardening grants Thursday.

One grant went to the Metro Lutheran Ministry, a group wanting to bring more produce and gardening opportunities for people.

A second grant was awarded to the Kansas City Community Garden.

"We're trying to make gardening affordable for people because if they have to go and spend hundreds of dollars to get a vegetable garden, it's not going to save you any money," said Ben Sharda with Kansas City Community Gardens. "But you can do it for a very small amount of money and then a lot of people just don't have expertise, so we do classes."

Kansas City Community Gardens has seen an increase in the past five years, partly because of the economy and also because the push to eat healthier.

A total of eight grants were awarded across the state.

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