Tips from Toby: Dealing with unhealthy clay soil

Many of us are thinking about our lawns right now and that's good. But what we really need to be thinking about is our soil. And that's better!

Most of our lawns have been covered by snow the past month or so, but that soil down underneath is one of the primary things that makes our lawn a success or failure.

There's a reason why part of Missouri is named "Clay County" and that's because we have such an abundance of heavy clay soils in our region. Clay soil is not conducive for lawn and plant growth so we need to make that unhealthy clay soil healthy rich topsoil!

For over 20 years I've been recommending a locally made product called Earth Right, and we've had tremendous success with every lawn we've ever used it on.

Earth Right helps break down the heavy clay soils and helps transform them into rich topsoil over a relatively short amount of time. Earth Right feeds the soil and gets it healthier which means your grass can have deeper roots and survive the stress of summer better.

You can buy Earth Right in an easy hose end spray bottle and your apply it at double the rate the first time in the Spring and then again at regular rate in the Fall.

Earth Right is especially beneficial for those areas of your lawn that don't drain or puddle all the time.

Using Earth Right along with proper watering, fertilization, and mowing are the keys to a great lawn. Get your soil healthy and you will see great benefits on every aspect of your lawn this season. And best of all, Earth Right is easy!

This really is a miracle product. Your first application should be double rate then every Spring and Every Fall the normal application rate. We'll see you next week!

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