Tips from Toby: Farrand Farms Greenhouse goes all out for the holidays

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The Christmas Eve Flower or Poinsettia represents over 60% of all plotted plant sales in the United States.

Over $60 million dollars worth will be sold over the next four weeks out of the over 250 million dollars sold annually.

Discovered in Mexico in 1825 the plant was brought to the U.S. by Joel Roberts Poinsett. In Mexico Poinsettia's were once a weed and still grow up to 20 feet tall.

Today there are hundreds of varieties and colors, but the red poinsettia is still the traditional Christmas flower.

There is no better place to see and smell the gorgeous plants than at Farrand Farms Greenhouse here in Kansas City. They are the largest grower in the area transforming their entire greenhouse into a holiday wonderland and feature simply amazing colors, varieties and aroma.

You can keep poinsettia's blooming for most of the year in a warm area of your home with a decent amount of light.

This is an incredible family tour just waiting for you and you can pick out your favorite color while strolling through waves of holiday spirit.

While you're at Farrand Farms you can pick up some beautiful herbs or grab your fresh Christmas tree, but you will be amazed by the fragrance and best of all you'll be toasty warm in the huge greenhouse.

While the poinsettia is the nations most popular plant, a truly popular tradition has emerged right here at Farrand Farms over the past decade, this is an ideal spot to take your holiday photos for one of the most beautiful holiday backdrops you will ever see. My wife EJ and I took full advantage and we didn't even break the camera lens.

Get in here just as quick as you can. You will not believe how beautiful this is. You will be transformed into the holiday spirit right away!

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