Tips from Toby: Feeding your lawn

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Our lawns are still weathering the stress of this heat wave, however many of us have been able to keep our lawns in relatively decent shape through the summer. Whether you need to do some spot seeding or just get your lawn back in shape, fall is the most opportune time to beef up your lawn so it is vibrant and healthy going into next spring.

Fertilize now with Fall Lawn Starter Fertilizer. Fall Lawn Starter contains phosphorous and nitrogen which helps increase root strength and top growth.

Do not fertilize more than the instructions per the manufacturer. Too much fertilizer can leave burn spots through your lawn and that grass will not bounce back. Fall Lawn Starter will also encourage tiller and rhyming of your grass which will help fill in many of those bare spots.

One month from now, apply Winterizer Fertilizer and repeat this process each month through November. Winterizer Fertilizer contains nutrients designed to encourage growth as the lawn goes to sleep during the winter and gives it the strength it needs to be healthy next year.

Lawns that are fertilized through the fall will have less weed problems next year and be much healthier than waiting till next spring to fertilize. In other words, your lawn will be six months healthier going into next spring.

Finally, if you want to have a great lawn, all university studies show lawns that are fertilized three times during the fall have less disease problems, less weed problems and are more likely to survive stressful summers than lawns that are left alone. This is going to take about five hours of your time and you will avoid expensive seeding, weed control and other headaches year-round.

I know it's been hot and the last thing you want to do is get out in the lawn and do a bunch of work, but this is very important to have a beautiful lawn now and next spring.

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