Tips from Toby: Get growing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - It’s safe to say that we’re all ready for Spring to be here soon. It won’t be long before we’re firing up the grill and putting those snow shovels away.

You can actually bring spring a little early by getting some of your garden planted indoors now. It’s easy and even if you don’t have a green thumb we can help you get some herbs and vegetables started that the whole family will enjoy.

These seed starter kits are under a hundred dollars and have everything you need to start herbs, tomatoes, peppers and everything in your kitchen. Plus, if you don’t have a place with a lot of sunshine, no worries, they contain a grow light that will give those young plants consistent warmth and light so even the most challenged gardeners can get it right.

Go to your local nursery or online seed catalog company and pick out some of your favorites, whether it’s basil, peppers, oregano or heirloom tomatoes, you can get them started and grow your very own starter garden right on your kitchen counter! Plus just getting some plants growing will give your senses a boost of Spring!

For vegetables like tomatoes and peppers, you’ll want to back time about six weeks prior to moving the plants outdoors, so those seeds should be started around mid-March to make sure it will be warm enough outside in May to move your garden outdoors.

If you want to keep things really simple, you can transfer the seeds to containers and move them out on your patio or build one of these simple raised garden beds to grow some of your favorites all season long.

Before you know it you’ll be ready to have fresh salads and great veggies to toss on the grill in just a couple of months!

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