Tips from Toby: Get growing this fall

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - The nurseries are stocked and ready to go. This is a great time to plant.

Suburban Lawn and Garden is stocked with some of the most beautiful shrubs, mums, trees and much more. They are reporting that a bunch of you rascals are still gun shy from the drought to put new plants in for fear they won't grow well.

Well, I have news for you. You're going to be fine and it's time to get that landscape back to beautiful!

First, let's help those of us that are confused by the difference between perennials and annuals. Annuals are plants that will survive only for one year. These are great plants for adding some wonderful color to your landscape. These plants are generally less expensive and are great for adding to some pots or filling in some gaps with wonderful blooms of color. But you will have to replace them every year.

Perennials live year, after year, after year but generally do not offer the wide variety of colors and blooms for as long of a period. It is truly a good idea to develop a nice mix of annuals and perennials in your landscape for variety and color and just to have a little bit of fun.

Now I know that the drought took it's toll on a lot of our plants, but despite the recent heat wave it's been a relatively mild summer, so if you can keep some new plants watered properly you're going to be fine.

Follow the basics and make sure that you are planting in healthy soil and never plant the top of the root ball down below the soil level. Make sure you are using mulch but never push it up against the base of the plants.

Finally I like to water everything in with a locally made product called Mushroom Stuff. Mushroom Stuff will help feed the plant, provide nutrients to the soil and give the roots a nice boost to get things growing. The other thing I love about Mushroom Stuff is that you just need to mix up one teaspoon per gallon of water and it's all natural so you don't have to worry about burning out your new plants, shrubs and trees.

There are some fantastic prices at your local nurseries right now and if you buy from a reputable grower they even have warranties to replace the plants if they die, so now is the time to start making your home and our city a little more beautiful again and get some great planting going this Fall!

Seriously, this is a great time of the year to plant and for most things the best time of the year to plant. If you can put down a little water you're going to be fine.

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