Tips from Toby: Getting rid of unwanted house guests

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - I hate bugs and this is the time of year when bugs try to get into our homes. I don't like that and this is the time to keep them out!

From spiders to ants and of course those annoying gnats - the warm weather is going to bring waves of insects trying to find a place to make their Summer home. To keep that home from being yours is very easy.

I prefer Spectracide Triazicide in the concentrate. In a pump sprayer mix up the Spectracide, water, and an additive called Spreader Sticker (This helps the chemical adhere better to plants and your home and makes it more water proof). Be sure to follow the recommended mix rate on the label.

Go around your entire home and spray a path about two feet out from your foundation and two feet up the side of your home. Also spray any of your landscape including shrubs. This is going to create a barrier which will keep bugs from crawling into your home.

Next, use a good quality lawn spreader and apply Spectracide Triazicide granules to your lawn. You should do this about 10 feet around the entire perimeter of your home. The granules will water into the lawn and keep the bugs from annoying you for a good three months.

You can follow this method three times per year to keep the bugs from bugging you and you won't have to hear the kids shrieking, "Dad, there's another Spider in my room".

For most of us, this just works great. For some of us though there may be a bug problem that is too big to get rid of, that's the time to call in the professionals.

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