Tips From Toby: Grow your own potatoes

Did you know that the taste of home grown potatoes is incredible? Growing your own potatoes is so easy and you don't even need a vegetable garden. The new smart pots make it so simple and you will be enjoying fresh potatoes very soon this summer.

Plant your favorite seed potatoes by placing about six inches of a soilless potting mix in the bottom of a pot. Set the eyes of the seed potato up and space them about four inches apart and four inches from the side of the pot. Cover the seed potatoes with two inches of potting mix and water well. Be sure to water two to three times per week.

After the new plants are six inches tall, add about three inches of potting mix to the pot and continue the process of letting the plants grow six inches each time and covering half the leaves with the potting mix, stopping one inch from the top of the pot. When the new plants are three inches tall, start fertilizing with a liquid fertilizer every two weeks until final harvest.

In about two months or when early blossoms appear, you'll be able to start pulling early new potatoes out of the pot. When the plants turn completely yellow it will be time for a complete harvest.

Growing potatoes like this is nutritious and delicious. You get to pick them at the peak of ripeness and you don't have to worry about where they've been shipped, stored, and handled. This is a great tradition to start on St. Paddy's day -  and you don't even need a green thumb to get started!

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