Tips from Toby: heat stress on your lawn

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many homeowners are worried about the brown grass in their yard. 

Toby Tobin’s best advice: don’t panic. Mother nature is just doing her thing right now.

Your grass is adjusting to the heat. As the temperature heats up, the grass sheds itself of some blades to get more energy to the roots. Appearance wise, this leads to a lot of brown blades mixed in with the green.

This can fool people into thinking they’re having problems, or even lawn diseases.

Once again, don’t panic.

The brown grass mixed in is simply heat stress. If you keep watering properly it will be fine.

But Tobin warns don’t water your grass too much. This can lead to disease problems.

Also, this extreme heat is where uneven watering really shows. If your sprinklers aren’t covering properly across your lawn, it’s time to make adjustments or call a pro to make sure the sprinkler heads haven’t moved and are covering your grass, plants and foundation.

Tobin said heat stress is consistent across your lawn, but if you see clearly defined spots you probably have a lawn disease. You need to act fast because disease problems can spread quickly.

To treat lawn disease, Tobin suggests putting down a quality granular systemic fungicide across the lawn. You should also mow on the highest notch on your mower to protect your grass plants from the heat. 

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