Tips from Toby: How curb appeal can increase the value of your home

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - According to Kansas City lawn and garden expert Toby Tobin, a well-planned yard can up to 20 percent of the value to your home.

With that in mind, newlyweds Candi and Jason Apostolos wanted to start with a plan. Their landscaping had to be ripped out when they had some sidewalk construction done, so Toby Tobin had them meet with landscape architect Rick Barrett.

"Curb appeal is just what the name implies," said Barrett. "It's the ability to create a nice image, a nice appeal from the curb literally. But it also plays into energy conservation; it also plays into safety, security... not only aesthetics. People love plants and they end up with a collection of plants rather than a design."
Candi and Jason discussed their desire for color and a low-maintenance yard with Barrett and formulated a plan. A similar plan from a certified architect will cost you around $150 to $400, but it is money well spent to avoid mistakes.

Candi said, "I probably would have just picked what looked nice to me at the store put it in the ground."

With the architectural plan in hand, Candi headed off to Suburban Lawn and Garden where she hand-selected her plants. She also received advice on planting and soil.

Matt Stueck of Suburban Lawn and Garden said, "With curb appeal it's really important to choose the appropriate plants and make sure you're not just picking something that will look good, but something that will work in the location you're going to put it."

The couple had all their plants delivered to their home and in one weekend they finished all the tilling, mulching, edging and planting. They also saved several thousands of dollars by doing it themselves instead of having a company do the planting for them. It also left them with a great sense of satisfaction.

"Doing it on our own was very fulfilling experience," said Candi. "And we had neighbors drive by and stop and roll down their windows and say, you guys are doing a phenomenal job."

Now back from their honeymoon, this week the couple recently drove home to a gift of a new tree planted by Suburban and they are enjoying the satisfaction of a project well done.

Candi said, "Just driving up to your house and feeling like it's a home!"

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