Tips from Toby: It's not too late to get gardening with your kids

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Have you seen the prices of vegetables lately? I guarantee when you grow vegetables yourself, you won’t have to pay that much and they’re going to taste a whole lot better! Here’s a great way to let your kids play in the dirt and develop some tasty knowledge all at the same time.

"Once they plant the seed, yeah they’re really willing to try it," said Keith Farrand of Farrand Farms Greenhouse. "Things that you’d put on their plate, maybe not. But the great experience is watching the plant grow and produce food. That’s what makes it fun."

Farrand says the biggest mistake people make is forgetting that their herbs, fruits and veggies need to be fed too.

"If you’re using liquids, fertilize a lot more often because water dilutes it more quickly than you might think. Granulars, once we very six weeks."

We all know what we can do with some delicious strawberries. Or you can plant some fantastic herbs, beautiful flowers, tomatoes, peppers and much more. You’ll be saving on grocery bills and introducing some new flavors to your menu!

"Kids and family, that’s essential. Kids today don’t know where food comes from other than the grocery store. When they’re four to ten years old, they love to play in the soil and help Mom, help Dad and help Grandma or Grandpa."

The plants you can buy through local nurseries are tested to perform better in our local climate, plus they are grown locally. Instead of doing all the work of starting from seed, they’ve done the tough stuff for you. That means you will be enjoying great flavors and all you need are just a few pots, some good quality soil, a little feeding T.L.C. and some sunshine and you might actually get those little ones to enjoy eating their veggies and a whole lot more!

I just love buying from local growers. You’re going to get better quality, better service and better results.

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