Tips from Toby: keeping bagworms, grubworms out of your garden

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Bagworms and grubworms are the two ugly worms you don't want in your lawn or landscape. They are ready to do damage to our lawns and shrubs. But Toby Tobin has an easy tip to keep them from dining on your beautiful green grass or evergreens.

Scots Grub X or Grubeater Ultra has a chemical that will eliminate grubs all season long, but alternate them by year.

Bagworms can eat up a shrub in a hurry. If you see them, pull them off and dispose of them in a plastic bag. To keep them away, use spectracide triazicide insect killer and water in a spreader. I also like to use spreader sticker which will help the chemical stick to the plant and keep it from washing off in the rain. This will kill any bagworms trying to make a home in your expensive plants.

This is also a mixture I like to spread around my foundation to keep bugs from coming in. Spray a couple feet up from the foundation and out from the home. Bugs trying to get in will meet their untimely doom.

Before you apply any pesticides, always read the manufacturer's label clearly and follow those directions.

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