Tips from Toby: Keys to lawn maintenance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - My neighbors are always asking me how do I have such a beautiful lawn. It really is simple. Three things. Proper mowing, watering and fertilization. The first is watering.

I wish I could tell you some magic potion that would make your lawn look perfect. But the truth is proper mowing, watering and fertilization are the essential for a fantastic lawn. Whether you have a sprinkler system or you do it the old fashioned way, every lawn needs one inch of water per week in the Spring and 1.5” in the Summer. Use a rain gauge in different areas of your lawn when the sprinklers are running to see how much water you are applying.

"The biggest mistake would be over watering and not having a rain sensor so early in the Spring they’ll set their system where it was back in July," said Mike Rollf of Lawnmaster Systems.

On underground systems get your heads adjusted. Earth moves during the winter and causes the heads to be misaligned. I recommend watering early in the morning for most lawns. Watering at night is a no-no. It can lead to fungus and disease. If you water by hand get yourself one of these sprinkler timers that hook to your faucet so you can properly water without the sprinkler running too long. Next week we’ll talk the basics of fertilization.

We had a lot of rain last week, we didn’t have any this week, record how much rainfall we’ve had and get that sprinkler out when you need it. Have a great week!

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