Tips from Toby: May lawn maintenance

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Many of our plants had winter damage this year. Some of the plants should be pruned now and others shouldn’t be pruned yet.We’ve had a bunch of Winter kill on our plants. It’s time to get out and prune off those dead branches. Most of these plants will still come back. I recommend you water them in with a locally made product called Mushroom Stuff. This will help stimulate root growth and healing and save some of those plants that are on the verge of living or dying. Some may simply need to be replaced, but give this a try first.

Speaking of root stimulation, now is the time to raise your mower height or tell your lawn company to start mowing higher. As the warmer temperatures move in the taller the grass, the more protection from the hot sun. Taller grass also means deeper roots which will help the grass plants survive the hot summer. Mow as high as your mower will go or at least three and a half inches tall.

Dandelions and weeds are popping up everywhere from the heavy rains. There are two products on the market that contain a chemical called carfentrazone. These are Bonide Weed Beater Ultra and Gordon’s Speed Zone. In a pump sprayer mix up the weed control, per instructions and very lightly spray your weeds. Overspraying or using too much of the chemical can also kill your grass. You are better off having to go back and lightly spray again than having a bunch of dead spots in your lawn.

We have a bunch of great advice in my May tips on the website, including scheduling that AC tune up, checking your tire pressure and much more. Check it out now for the best home, lawn and garden on the block!


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