Tips from Toby: Renovating your lawn from scratch

Are you tired of looking at your lawn the way it looks now? Maybe it’s time to kill the whole thing out and start over. And yes, it’s easier than you think.

Does your lawn just never seem to look as good as everyone else’s? Do you constantly fight weeds or disease? Are you reseeding every year or is your lawn just a big mess? You are now a candidate to kill out your lawn and start completely over.

Toby Tobin said he kills out his own lawn and starts over once every couple of years to try new grass seed varieties or just to get a fresh start.

This might sound like some huge undertaking or radical thought to just kill off your entire lawn. However, in the long run you are going to have a beautiful lawn, avoid disease problems, plant a high quality turf that is consistent and enjoy the benefits for many years to come.

Tobin said if you haven’t been watering, you want to get started now. Grass that has gone dormant will not be completely killed out with chemicals, so water now.

On a non-windy day, you should spray your entire lawn with Bonide Kleen Up or Gordon’s Pronto Weed & Grass Killer. In about two weeks your entire lawn will die a nice brown death. From there you will verticut all the old dead stuff and get ready to plant a beautiful new turf in the first couple of weeks of September.

You want to pick a seed variety that will best thrive in your lawn. Simply put, if you have a sprinkler system, bluegrass is a beautiful choice but does require more maintenance. Fescue is the most durable and requires less water, or you might want to consider a shade blend if you are having problems getting grass to grow in a highly shaded lawn. Tobin will be giving you tips on verticutting, picking the right seed and more over the coming weeks.

Finally, you will save big bucks by starting over. You won’t be reseeding into an ugly lawn every year, you won’t fight disease problems and a new thick lawn will help prevent weeds all on its own. Another nice little benefit that you will enjoy, Tobin said, is that you won’t have to mow during August and September and you’ll be treated to a gorgeous new lawn in just a couple of months.

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