Tips from Toby: Spring cleaning your home, preparing your lawn and garden

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - We know tomorrow is spring forward time, and we also know it’s time to check the batteries in our smoke detector. Let’s take it a step further.

It looks like the snow and ice are finally moving out of the area and making way for spring. This is a very important time of the year to get your lawn and home ready for warmer temperatures.

We talked it about it over a month ago, but we had a few snowstorms and a thing called the polar vortex that interrupted spring a bit longer, but now it really is time to short mow your lawn. A short mow will cut off that top layer of dead grass and expose the new green grass that is sprouting underneath. Lower your mower height as low as you can without scalping the lawn. Be sure to bag the clippings so they don’t cover the lawn and you’ll have green grass just in time for St. Paddy’s Day.

While you are checking those smoke detector batteries, now is a great time to schedule a full electrical system tune up. Call our friends at Teague Electric and they will not only replace all your smoke detector batteries, but they will clean all the detectors and check out your entire electric system. This includes tightening all circuits, checking outlets and much more all for under a hundred bucks!

It won’t be too long before we will be switching on the AC. Now is a great time to check your furnace filter and also be sure to schedule your tune up from a professional. This should include checking the system for any leaks, cleaning the inside and outside units and making sure everything is running efficiently.

Finally that mower and other lawn equipment have been sitting in the garage for quite a while. From your string trimmers to mower, clean them up, sharpen blades and make sure everything is running well. It’s a good idea to start up all the small engines and make sure it’s all running smoothly, and if not get them in for service before you need them or you could be waiting a couple of weeks without a mower.

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