Tips from Toby: Taking a look at your lawn

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Most of the lawns in Kansas City don’t have crabgrass taking over anymore and that’s because of the one important step you need to do soon! It’s time to apply lawn fertilizer with Dimension Crabgrass control. If you’ve ever had crabgrass in your lawn before you know you don’t ever want to get it again. It’s one of the most invasive weeds we have and can quickly take over even the most beautiful and established lawn.

Dimension is the chemical you should be looking for combined with fertilizer. You will give your lawn some much needed food as well as help prevent crabgrass all year. The key is that once you get crabgrass it will spread like crazy. Each plant can produce over 150,000 seeds and it won’t be long before your beautiful lawn is nothing but this ugly weed.

Dimension is a chemical that is the strongest you can buy and will help keep your lawn from becoming a mess, so look for this chemical when you purchase your fertilizer.

Once you do get crabgrass it is very hard to control with weed sprays so prevention now can save you a ton of headaches later.

Fertilizing your lawn now will also help give it a great boost of food so that your lawn will tiller and rhizome. A thick, healthy lawn is your best defense against weeds. Follow the manufacturers recommended rate for your spreader. A broadcast spreader is much easier to use and control, especially one with air inflated tires. Remember, too much fertilizer can burn out your lawn…. so too much is worse than not fertilizing at all!

So get started with your application of fertilizer with dimension crabgrass control now and you will be headed in the right direction to a beautiful lawn this season.

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