Tips From Toby: Taking a mulligan on your lawn

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Completely killing out your entire lawn can be a great chance to just start over, try new seed varieties or switch from Fescue to bluegrass. Too many people spend tons of time over-seeding or trying to make a lawn look better. That's when it is truly easier and more cost effective to kill everything and start from scratch with a high quality grass seed.

There are two huge benefits to a total lawn renovation. One is getting rid of any weed, disease, or other problems all at once and starting fresh. Secondly, you won't have to mow your lawn again until about October!

Lawn renovation is a two part process and the first is to completely kill out all of your grass. Be careful when spraying around your foundation plants.

Mix up a spray bottle per instructions with Round Up Red Label and water and spray your lawn thoroughly. In about two weeks, you'll see a complete sea of dead grass. If there are any spots you may have missed or some weeds that have popped up, just reapply the Round Up to those areas.

After the lawn is dead you'll want to remove the dead grass and verticut the lawn to make way for seed. If you are game for a total lawn renovation, you may want to begin the process of killing out your lawn over the next two weekends.

While this may sound daunting, it's actually easier than fighting a lawn you are unhappy with or living with a variety of grass that isn't performing well. You will have a completely new lawn with quality turf by early Fall and a stunning lawn will welcome you next spring!

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