Tips from Toby: Taking care of your hearing

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Salvatore Calandrino has a lot going for him at a very young age. He has over 50 lawn jobs and his company is growing every week. He’s also a lot smarter than most of us when it comes to protecting his hearing. Whether it’s mowing or those loud leaf blowers… he is always making sure his hearing is not damaged. 

Doctor Angela Fyffe says that the biggest hurdle is getting people to realize how much damage can be done to our hearing from machinery and all the noises that surround us daily.

"When you start getting some of those small clues, whether it’s family or friends indicating maybe you have a problem or you start to notice issues with little things, like people mumble or I hear you but I didn’t understand you," said Dr. Angela Fyffe with Wright Audiology and hearing aids.

Angela says whether it’s those foam plugs that you place in your ear or a custom fitted device that doubles as headphones, it’s all about finding the right fit and comfort level so hearing protection is easy to use.

"The damage really isn’t any more as long as you’re being smart and safe about it. If you’re wearing well fit inserts whether it’s a custom mold or any kind of ear bud. If they are well fit they are going to provide reduction of the ambient noise around you and then you don’t need the music to be as loud."

Teaching our kids early is also essential. With all the devices these days and earbuds, rocking out to music on iPads and iPhones is one of the easiest ways to do damage. It comes back to the proper fit for kids to use their earbuds properly along with a little early education.

"In our household of course I’m extra conscientious, my kids are aware of it, and we just talk about it. If I can hear it coming out of your ears, then it’s too loud."

Dr Fyffe offers free hearing screenings and that’s one of the best ways to find out where your baseline is and begin doing things to avoid any more permanent damage.

Remember this, even if you have had hearing damage, it is never too late to get your hearing tested. Do this now.

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