Tips From Toby: What to know before tackling the weeds

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Summer sun and heat stress on your lawn makes it easy for weeds to start popping up everywhere. Using the right method and proper chemicals for spot spraying is essential to control the weeds without killing your grass.

With all the different weed controls that you find in stores today it can be very confusing as to which one is the best. They all work at different times of the year for certain purposes.

But for Summer time broadleaf weed controls there are only two weed controls that I recommend. One is called Bonide Weed Beater Ultra and the other is called Gordon's Speed Zone. They contain a chemical called Carfentrazone and it is magical. Most weeds will be controlled with a single application.

If you have a lot of weeds popping up, those are the ones that are going to wreak havoc next Spring. Mix up Gordon's Speed Zone and Spreader Sticker in a pump sprayer and spot spray as you see new weeds.

If you've seeded your lawn, ignore this tip! New grass is not strong enough yet. It needs to have gotten three inches tall and mowed twice before you can spray weed control.

Also, drop your mower down at least a notch. Mowing lower helps your grass tiller and rhyzome better. Mow it 2.5 inches and make sure you are using a sharp blade.

Finally, we haven't been getting enough rain so it's imperative to be providing at least an inch of water per week. If you've seeded you need to keep the ground moist every day.

As you can see a good thick lawn is your best defense against weeds. With this lawn program you'll have a gorgeous lawn.

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