Tips From Toby: Keeping diseases out of your lawn

Hi, I'm Toby Tobin. There is nothing worse than having a great lawn, coming home and seeing disease starting in your lawn. We're going to show you how to prevent it.

All the rain we've had and upcoming warmer temperatures mean it's lawn fungus season. Lawn diseases such as brown patch can do a ton of damage to your lawn and it can happen quickly. 

These fungi can remain dormant in the soil until environmental conditions favor an outbreak. They can also be transported to our lawns by wind, foot traffic or from lawn equipment.

The best way to prevent lawn diseases is by using a granular systemic fungicide. I recommend Bonide Infuse which helps combat up to 32 different lawn diseases. Use a lawn spreader and be sure to follow package instructions.

Apply an application now, do it again in July and then again in August to help prevent the disease. If no rain is expected, Water in the fungicide once you apply it.

You can't eliminate lawn disease,but you can keep it at bay - and that way you'll have no ugly surprises this Summer!

You might want to rake out these brown areas and seed them. You do not need to do that. After a fungicide is applied in a week or usually three to four weeks the grass will come back on its own.

That's it.. I'm Toby Tobin. Have a great week!

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