Remodel instead of moving

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Most people choose a new house over a major remodeling project because they can't visualize what a remodeler can do. Computer aided design can show homeowners how they can live in a more comfortable home without having to spend the money on a new house.

Choosing the right remodeler is imperative to your project's success and your overall happiness.

Mike Brocato of Citywide Remodelers says beware of any contractor who asks you to pay up front.
If they aren't financially stable and don't pay their subcontractors and suppliers, you may end up paying those bills too.

Brocato says to make sure that your remodeler is certified by NARI - The National Association of the Remodeling Industry - and that they have been in business at least five years.

Next week we're going to show you which projects to pick that will really add value to your home. See you next week!

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