A look at Black Friday security detail at Nebraska Furniture Mart

KANSAS CITY, Kan. - It's the biggest shopping day of the year and it's also the biggest day for retail theft.

Nebraska Furniture Mart in Kansas City, Kan., ooffered 41 Action News a chance to go behind the front of their store to see their security wing, which is typically hidden from the public eye.

Loss prevention manager Mark Blackwell says Nebraska Furniture Mart is using many tools to catch Black Friday crooks.

With thousands of shoppers, and 420,000 square feet to monitor, Blackwell said it's incredibly tough for security officers to watch every shopper's move.

Thanks to technology, they don't have to. 550 cameras keep tabs on shoppers, both inside and outside the store. That's more cameras than any other retail store in the country.

Blackwell says thieves are constantly getting more savvy by doing things like tearing off security tabs on items and stowing them in the liner of their purse or bottom of their shoes. The store has followed suit by enhancing their security doors and adding even more cameras, in unsuspecting places, like the elevator.

When customers pick up large ticket items such as televisions, security cameras take and store pictures of the customer's license plates and the driver of the vehicle.

There are a total of 1,100 employees working for Black Friday, including some security officers in plain clothes on the sales floor.

Laura Sanderson, marketing expert for the store explains that security guards are trained to multitask.

"Sure they are looking out for shoplifters, but they're also trained to know where every item is in the store and in providing exceptional customer service," she said. "We think that cuts down on thefts because they have their eyes and ears all over the floor, and they're constantly connecting with the customers."

Nebraska Furniture Mart says they were so candid in giving us this information because they want customers to know they won't tolerate shoplifting. They also remind shoppers if you think you can get away with sticky fingers here, think again.

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