A trip to the wild side of Black Friday

UNDATED - Black Friday is all about bargains for some, but the biggest shopping day of the year has a dark side.

Shopping got off to a rough start at a mall in Michigan when pepper spray was used on one anxious shopper. The scene was chaotic inside the Woodland Mall in Kentwood in the early morning hours of Black Friday.

A mall official held down a suspected troublemaker until police got there. Police took away at least two people in handcuffs following a fight inside the mall.

A shopper in California threatened to stab people in line as the doors opened at a K-Mart ahead of the doorbuster sales.

In Sacramento, hundreds of bargain hunters camped out for hours and were wrapped around the building.

The mood turned sour when store workers came outside to give vouchers to those in line.

Some shoppers got raucous, screaming obscenities and cutting in line. Police did show up to keep the crowd under control.

Police say a Massachusetts a man left a toddler alone in a car while he went shopping for Black Friday bargains.  Around 1:30 a.m. Friday,  officers in Springfield smashed the window of the car in a Kmart parking lot to get the two-year-old out.  

Officers called for the child's parents on the store intercom system, but got no reply.  Police say the child's mother was at work, and her boyfriend was supposed to be watching the boy. 

Officers found Anthony Perry at their home, with a new 51-inch flat screen television.  Perry told police he went into the store, and when he came back out, the child was gone.  

He says he panicked and called someone to bring him -- and the television -- back home.  Police say they're looking to charge Perry with reckless endangerment.